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10 Surprising Facts about Books

Would you like to know what are the most interesting facts about books?  If yes, keep on reading this article.It is no secret that reading is one of the most popular hobbies in the entire world. Literature is an experience because every book teaches us something important in life and it offers valuable information. That is why cozying up with a book is the number one choice for people of different ages.There are several significant facts about books. We’ll mention some below so that you remember them next time you go to a library, bookstore or while you are shopping online on Libroterra. 

  • According to Wikipedia, the first book ever published was the Gutenberg Bible in 1453. It was printed by the inventor of the printing press himself, Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg. 
  • The best-selling and most read book in the world is The Bible.
  • The most expensive book was sold for $30.8million. It is Codex Leicester by Leonardo Da Vinci and it was purchased by Bill Gates, according to Business Insider.
  • The Chinese people invented paper around 105 AD.
  • The fear of running out of something to read is called Abibliophobia.
  • The largest book in the world is The Klencke Atlas. It measures 1.75 meters tall and 1.90 meters wide when open.
  • The old book smell that we love so much is produced by the breakdown of two chemical components in paper, cellulose and lignin.
  • The term yahoo comes from Gulliver’s Travels published in 1726.
  • Each second, 57 books are sold.
  • World Book Day is March 1st.

There is nothing better than reading the best book ever. Reading has numerous positive effects on our intellectual, emotional and psychological state of mind. With this being said, you are cordially invited to have a look at our catalogue and choose whatever book(s) you like.

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