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Delivery terms

Delivery Terms

For the printed book that are in stock, the delivery will be performed in the next working day from the moment when the customer completed and paid the order.

For Print-on-Demand orders, they will be sent for printing n the next working day from the moment when the customer completed and paid the order. Once the order is printed it will be delivered immediately using the shipping method selected by the customer.

Your order will be delivered to the address you indicated when your order was placed. The maximum delivery period should not exceed 30 days from the moment when the order was paid.

Libroterra does everything in its power to respect the delivery times indicated on the website. We cannot, however, be held responsible for the consequences of a late delivery or the loss of a package caused by a third-party contracted to make delivery, or by you, or because of some unforeseen event. In the event where you do not receive your package, an investigation will be conducted with the carrier and may take several days upon receipt of your claim. During this period of investigation, no reimbursement or re-delivery will take place.

Right of Return

Libroterra will receive and solve any claims from its customers in a period that should not exceed 14 days from the moment when the customers notified Libroterra about the non-conformity of the ordered product. In case of reimbursement, the customers will be reimbursed in the same day when the non-conform product will be received by Libroterra, via the same payment method as was used initially. You can return the product to us within this time frame, at your own expense, with your invoice and a completed and signed returns coupon.

We request that you send us the merchandise by registered post and that you purchase insurance with your carrier for the value of the merchandise. This is necessary should they lose or damage the goods. Shipping fees remain the customer’s responsibility. The present right of return only applies to products that are returned in their original, complete condition. Any product that has been damaged, is not in its original packaging, or has packaging that has been worn beyond simply opening the product, will not be refunded.

For reimbursements

If the product is returned within 14 days of its delivery, the User will be reimbursed via the same payment method as was used initially.

For all destinations Libroterra offers the following shipping prices